- 4/26/2019

Local Son Rob Jones grew up in nearby Lovettsville, Virginia.  In 2008 he became a USMC Reservist during his junior year at Virginia Tech to protect our families by taking the fight to Afghanistan (as we have).  In 2010 in Afghanistan, during his second combat tour, he lost both legs at the knees to a Taliban landmine.  Totally undeterred, he trains and in 2 years he is a medalist in the Paralympics.  Since then he rode his bike 5,200 miles across America and has run 31 (26.6 mile) marathons in 31 days, in 31 cities all around the world.  On April 25th, in Middleburg Virginia, Mr. Jones was presented a GIFT of a "Smart Home” by Nonprofit Tunnel of Towers & byAll American Post 7916 Life Member John Palo on behalf of Home Depot.